Loin Lamb Chops

Great way to prepare a lamb you buy at the Santa Cruz County Fair.

Contributor: Diane Porter Cooley

Buy a lamb at the 4H Auction at the Santa Cruz County Fair. Have it butchered by Freedom Lockers into desired cuts. Mine are: 2 butterflied legs, shanks, 2 racks of lamb, loin chops packaged 2 to a wrap, all the rest made into stew pieces, some bone in others without, in 1 lb. pkgs. All this fits easily into the top of my standard capacity refrigerator freezer (if I go without half gallons of ice cream for a few weeks). With careful planning, you’ll make it to the next fair.


Remove a package of loin chops from freezer to thaw several hours prior to preparation or defrost in microwave. One half hour prior to broiling, marinate thawed chops in 1/2 cup red wine, rub with crushed garlic, sprinkle with dried rosemary, salt & ground pepper. Broil on grill or in oven at high heat for no more than 20 minutes to keep the inside pink & juicy. Good meat doesn’t need much adornment, but a sprig of fresh rosemary on the plate is always refreshing.


Loin Chops
Red Wine
Crushed Garlic
Dried Rosemary
Ground Pepper
Fresh Rosemary (for garnish)

Diane Porter Cooley is from some of the earliest pioneering families in the Pajaro Valley. Her great grandmother, Fanny Cummings Porter, was the first publc school teacher in the Pajaro Valley and her great grandfather, John T. Porter, was one of the area’s first sheriffs. Diane and husband, Don Cooley, live in Watsonville and are committed to preserving farmland from development.